Will I get a copyright claim if I use your music in my videos?

No. Our music works ARE NOT registered on a content id program like AdRev or similar, so if you have purchased a license for one of our music works to use in a video for YouTube, Facebook, etc, you can monetize your video and you won’t get any copyright claim from us!
With that being said, we do protect the copyright and rights of our works by registering them on Safe Creative (copyright register) and PRS for Music (performing rights organization).

Why do I need a license certificate?

As you will by using someone else’s intellectual property  in your project (our music, or anyone else’s creative property), you will need authorization from the copyright owners to use those assets in your project. A License Certificate is a legal document which grants you permisson to use them and protects you from potential copyright issues. We have different licenses for different uses. Check out oure license types HERE.

What’s that voice I can hear in the previews?

It’s called audio watermark and we used to prevent fraudulent uses of our work. Once you purchase a license for a music track here, you’ll get access to download the high quality versions of that track without the audio watermark.

How are payments handled on your site?

All transactions on this site are securely handled by Gumroad, an online platform that enables us creators to sell products directly to you. Please scroll down to check out our «How to» video for more information

I produce videos for clients. Can I use the same license (music) for different clients?

Unfortunately no. You must buy a license for each client. Remember that our licenses are valid in perpetuity!

Can I do remixes, or put vocals on your music and then resell it?

No. Our music is meant to be used in sync on videos and other media projects and it is forbidden to make a song, a remix or sample it  for music production. You can however adapt the music for your project by adding a voice over, fading, cutting or editing the length.


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